Birthdays + Give Backs

When I turned six I am pretty sure I went to Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday. We played games, ate cake and opened gifts. 

Among the many ladies nights and workshops we have done, there have been a few birthday and private parties too and we have loved celebrating milestones and get togethers with you. 

Of all the celebrations we have hosted, one stands out in particular. 

When Kenned turned six she wanted to have a DIY party with her friends. They painted leather and made their own tassels for their adorable kindergarten backpacks and each made bracelets at our bracelet bar, but what made this so memorable was the gifting. 

Instead of asking for gifts, Kennedy asked each of her friends to bring some non perishable items for the local food shelf. Instead of getting more toys that will ultimately end up played with and forgotten about in a few months, Kennedy wanted to do something for some one else. 

DIY Birthday.JPG

It is inspiring to see acts of service and selflessness from someone so young. It sheds a positive light on the future. There is so much need right in our community. Kids who leave school and don't eat again until they come back the next day. Teaching our youth the importuning of caring for others is vital. 

We have been honored to be a collection point for hurricane relief efforts and birthday parties that collect for the local food shelf. If you want more information on how to get involved, check out some local resources. Kennedy chose to donate her "birthday gifts" to the food shelf in her local community and we encourage you to seek our local need in your community.