Three tips to a successful partnership, from a girl boss perspective.

Three tips to a successful partnership:

Anyone else celebrate friendaversaries? Well this happens to be a good one because three years ago Nicole and I met! I was fresh out of five years of Haiti and Nicole was a new mom to her little miracle Olivia. We met at a craft show, that wasn't actually for craft vendors, but more for beer drinking and corn eating. 

Over the next year we became friends, doing craft shows together so we didn't have to sit alone, but instead had someone to talk with. Somewhere during the year our dreams were developing into owning our own store.  Little did we know we each had the other in mind to begin this journey with. 

People often ask if it's hard to have a partner, and at times, we can have our differences, little arguments and disagreements, We are human after all and come from very different cultures. I'm a New Yorker and Nicole a Minnesota girl, but she holds her own against my East Coast personality. 

This partnership is important, but even more important is our friendship. It can be hard work sometimes, like agreeing on clothing, but we always seem to pull through. I attribute our success to three key things: respect, grace and faith. Important attributes that are essential for all relationships, be them friendships, with a significant other or a partnership in business. 

Showing a mutual respect for anyone is a cornerstone to thriving. Even on difficult days, that person whom you are sharing your responsibilities with is half of the equation and and it's a give and take. Respect is essential to all aspects of life. 

Grace. It takes a lot of grace to grow and learn with someone. There are many times when I have ideas that I am 100% sure of and they totally flop, but Nicole shows me grace time and time again and that has been hugely instrumental in our partnership.

Lastly, but far from least is our faith. Nicole and I are both strongly rooted in our faith and it is the driving force behind the inspiration and decision to open Gathered Goods Company. We have a continued faith that the Lord is behind us in this journey and this is the direction he is pointing us in. When there are new things that arise, we take the time to pray and listen. 

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There are many other elements that make this partnership and friendship work, like humor and sometimes I think there is a bit of just dumb luck, But whatever it is...we are so happy to be here and sharing it with all of you! If you have a partnership or relationship you are struggling with, remember those three things and perhaps it might take a turn in the other direction. I don't believe we truly achieve anything alone, but together we can do great things!

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