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For those of you who don't know, Gathered Goods Company is a faith based store. Both Nicole and I are believers and we hope this shows through in the products we purchase, and the conversation and love and care we put into our interactions with each and everyone of you. 

We also have a strong connection with Haiti as you might guess as well. We have metal art that is made in Haiti from recycled steel oil drums hanging up, jewelry, handbags and home goods that are also made in Haiti. That's because Haiti was my home for five years. It is wonderful to live in Minnesota and be able to talk to and connect with so many of you who have gone on mission trips to Haiti or know some one who has. It is a special country and has a special place in my heart and in our store. 

When I was living in Haiti I lived and worked at an orphanage called New Life Children's Home. I lead mission teams and worked with the the kids and staff there, if you ever fine yourself in Haiti,  New Life is a wonderful place to stay. They have a large focus on special needs children and work with a lot of medical teams, that have been established in Haiti for over 30 years. 

When Nicole and I were in Vegas buying for our spring line we came across a booth with inspirational and faith based quotes and words on T-Shirts. One that caught our eye was their custom "Hope Starts Here" shirt. The founder of the company Never Loose Hope Designs, Marcia explained how in 2014 she was on a mission trip to Haiti and how it changed her. She wanted to start a company that would give back to this Haiti while encompassing her faith and the hope she has in Jesus. She wanted a way to encourage the people she met in Haiti to not give up hope. 

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I asked her where she volunteered when she was in Haiti and you know where she said....New Life! There we were two lovers of Haiti, missionaries in our own right, meeting in Las Vegas. Full of hope and full of tears. 

Nicole and I decided to order their custom "Hope Starts Here" shirts because we believe hope does start here. It starts here at Gathered Goods, in the way we interact with others. Hope starts in our own homes and in our churches, it starts in Excelsior and in Orono, Mound, Wayzata and in Minneapolis

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Hope in the promise of salvation, hope in the promise of love, community, and Jesus. Hope is here, everyday, everywhere - constant, forgiving, truthful and fully abounding. 

XO Tara

Hope Starts Here - MPLS V Neck

If you have shopped with us you know we are Faith based and lovers of Jesus. We are so excited about our "Hope Starts Here" V neck T's because they embody our mission. To be a safe place, a place of joy and hope. Hope in Jesus. It starts with you, it starts with us, it start here...in Minneapolis!

These jersey knit shirts come in black and are screen printed, they are so soft, we just love them! Fitting true to size!

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DIY + Shop Tales

Hi all! Welcome to our blog! A space for us to talk about the happenings of the store, DIY projects, our artisans and whatever else strikes us every now and then. 

If you have shopped with us before, then you know that we have over 45 local MN artisans in the store, stylish clothing and a DIY/craft area where we can usually be found working away on something.

Our goal is to have a little bit for everyone. Hidden treasures in every corner of the store. Clothing chosen from both Nicole and I, merging our styles and reaching all fashion trends. A bright and cheerful space where people walk in and feel welcome to stay as long as they like. 

We are so proud of each of our artisans and love to showcase them and talk about them in the store, so be sure to ask us about all of the unique products and the hands behind them. Not to mention the ever growing list of classes and workshops that continue to fill up! We love meeting new people and learning new skills with each and everyone of you!

I look forward to being able to devote some weekly time to writing and sharing with you all what is happening at the store and beyond!

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XO Tara and Nicole